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First Aid Training

First Aid Syllabus

The complete First Aid training syllabuses with eight Lectures are as under:-

  • First Lecture

    • Principles of First Aid.
    • A brief description of the Structure and Functions of the body.
    • Practical- The triangular bandage and its application to the Head, Chest, Back, Shoulder , Elbow, Hand, Hip, Knee and Foot. Arm slings(large, small and St.John)

  • Second Lecture

    • Fractures- causes, varieties, signs and symptoms.
    • Treatment of fractures – general rules
    • Individual fractures – The skull, Lower Jaw, Spine, Ribs, Breastbone, Collar bone, Shoulder Blade , Arm, Forearm, Hand
    • Practical – Treatment of fractures, Application of Splints

  • Third Lecture

    • Individual fractures(cont.)- pelvis, thigh, Knee-cap, Leg and foot.
    • Dislocations, Sprains, Strains- Signs, symptoms, and treatment.
    • Practical – Treatment of fractures, Treatment of strains.

  • Fourth Lecture

    • General description of the Heart and Blood vessels.
    • Circulation of the Blood.
    • Wounds and Haemorrhage
    • Wounds accompanied by Arterial Haemorrhage.
    • The situation of the main arteries – Pressure point.
    • Wounds accompanied by Capillary or Venous Haemorrhage.
    • Haemorrhage from special regions-Burses

  • Fifth Lecture

    • Injuries to Internal Organs- Haemorrhage.
    • Burns, Scalds, Stings bites of snakes and rabid animals, frost bite.
    • Foreign bodies in Eye, Ear and Nose.
    • Practical- Treatment of fractures and Haemorrhage.

  • Sixth Lecture

    • Respiration- Natural and Artificial.
    • Asphyxia.
    • The nervous systems.
    • Insensibility.
    • Practical – Artificial Respiration.

  • Seventh Lecture

    • Poisons.
    • Transport of the Injured.
      • For Males, hand Seats and Stretcher Exercises.
      • For Females, hand Seats.
    • Practical – Transport of the Injured.

  • Eighth Lecture

    • Preparation for the Reception of Accident Cases.
    • Recapitulation.
    • Practical – Preparation of the bed, removing clothes, etc.

First Aid Training Fee.

Professional Certificates

Senior Certificates for students

Senior Certificates for students upto 16 years of age

Rs. 500/- per candidates

Rs. 30/- per candidates

Rs. 25/- per candidates